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Aug. 5th, 2007



So, I was going to write a whole entry about the insanity that is me traveling. On roads. In a car. But, as there are more pressing matters of greater interest, I shall share those with you instead. Dalmatia is well-known for being very dry and very hot in the summers, with two winds, Bura and the Maestral, prevailing. Forest fires are not uncommon, but usually, they're nowhere near cities and are put out rather easily. Yesterday, while we were arriving, there was a fire burning about 400 m from my uncle's buildings, but it was put out a little while before we arrived. Alright, cool, we're all good. No biggie. Today, however, several fires broke out really close to populated areas and, given the intensity of the wind the past few days, they've been spreading immensely fast. Close to sunset, this is what we were seeing:

...large piccies aheadCollapse )

The air is thick with smoke and the sky above the hills behind us is glowing vibrant orange and this amazing rich purple. It's pretty badawesome, actually. Alright, so my cousin and I went for coffee and we were just finishing up our drinks, planning what to do next when the fucking air raid sirens (they're just general warning sirens, but most people associate them with air raids) were set off. Holy fuck, I was like ZOMFG, THIS IS SO BADAWESOME. I hadn't heard those sirens in years and I was all excited because...well...fire. We walked home cos we figured our parents would have kittens worrying - the cell networks are all really fucked cos of the fires. Pretty killer.

So, guns in restaurants and forest fires. Whoo! This vacay's shaping up to be...pretty interesting. Hehe. No love life, but hey, my life's been in danger twice! Man, it's sad how I'm not stoked til things are dangerous. I'm so weird.

Jul. 21st, 2007

HP 7


Holy fuck, was yesterday ever eventful...I think I might have a spaz before I'm finished typing. Anyway, the morning was pretty lehm. Yes, lehm. I love spelling it like that. Right, so I was coming back from a solo swim and walking up the stairs to the main street from the beach so that I may get home to consume things. When, lo and behold, mes boys! The one that I am maybe really hardcorely crushing on was by some outdoor pool tables a level lower than everyone else, so I initially didn't see him (his name is Ilija, btw, so I can stop calling him DUDE WHO I WANT TO DO). I get up there, say my hellos when Marko, the dude standing farthest from me, calls down to Ilija 'HEY, ILIJA, YOUR CRUSH IS HERE!! MAYBE YOU GUYS CAN GO OUT TONIGHT!' And they snickered. My awkz level SKYROCKETED. I was like...ERRRR...UHHH...DOME? Moral of the story, I am a giant pussy and we exchanged several words before we both awkwarded our separate ways. Good fucking lord, I suck. THERE WAS NO DOUBT. HE LIKES ME. I LIKE HIM. WE BOTH SUCK. AND THEY LEAVE TOMORROW. SHITSHITSHITSHIT.

Item number two on the agenda is our family dinner. So, we waited for my dad to arrive and then went out to our fave restaurant. Halfway through our meal, this freaky burly dude marches in (it's an outdoor restaurant on a large balcony by the beach) and starts to beat one of the waiters...now, the restaurant is two rows of tables with about 4 metres between two rows. The two dudes were fighting right in line with our table. I was like WTFSHITIGNORE!!!! and kept eating, but my mom was spazzing out royally. Five minutes later, the burly dude heads off, yelling 'I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU THERE EVER AGAIN!!!' Everyone in the restaurant was like '...' So, the waiter scuttles off, and I relax, returning to my 893842943 lb salad of doom and glory...when I hear this weird click, and when I look up, the waiter is marching off after the burly dude PUTTING A FUCKING HANDGUN IN THE BACK OF HIS BELT. NOT EVEN KIDDING. He waws yelling 'HEY, GET BACK HERE!' to the burly dude...and that was when we and the family sitting behind us GTFO'D. LIKE...JESUS. We were the only ones that saw the handgun and the only ones that bolted. Thanfully, nothing else happened, but I was scared shitless, tbh. Buhhh...

So, that was my day...I have to go hunt Ilija now...

P.S. He plays basketball for the Bosnian NATIONAL league. Mmmmmmmm....

P.P.S. HARRY POTTER 7!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GET IT ON MONDAY!!!!!!!!!

Jul. 6th, 2007



Man, so, here I am, in the motherland, being gangsta. The unfortunate thing is, I have not been able to jack any wireless from people with my lappy, so I have to go to this internet cafe to get my fix. Honestly, three days has pretty much destroyed me. I have this epic motherfucking MS Word document going on...on Deon...but it is not here, so I am going to have to try and remember all the key, exciting (AHAHAHA, no) things that have transpired in the last 72 or so hours.


Oct. 3rd, 2006




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